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what we do

work with your team

from the start, we work with your team to create a unique resolution focused towards your needs.

help you run your business

it is your job to run a business, let us give you the tools to be successful.

provide solutions

we provide solutions unique to the general array of products and services, including design and troubleshooting.

project management

our project managers are committed to walking alongside you to assure a successful project.

how we do it

“We had a really rough implementation and they’ve been able to come in and help us clean that part of the implementation. I can shoot off an email and get a very fast response and usually a resolution or a commitment by the end of the business day. Work with JK Seva because they provide peace of mind.

Quick response. Professional service. They’re just wonderful.”  

– Koren Pollitt Barton Healthcare

JK Seva, Inc came from the merger of JAT and Kastle Consulting. 

We are in business to do more than just optimize software; we believe in developing relationships with our clients into trusted, long-term partnerships. Our greatest advantage is our focus on the customer’s experience, collaborating closely with each client to fully understand their needs. We immerse ourselves in your project, work within your time frame, and assume your goals as if they are our own. Our mantra, “how can we help,” is born from the Sanskrit word, Seva: meaning, selfless service.
Our customer base has over 400 clients for whom JK Seva has implemented various ERP solutions.
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