Expect More.

We do.

We are a software solutions firm that gets excited about unique projects,
businesses and the passionate people behind them.
JK Seva


Posted on 22 Sep 2016 Comments Off on Accomplishments


Our focus on Infor: Lawson and Kronos software solutions has allowed us to become time-tested experts. This means that you pay for our experience and knowledge, not our education.

Track Record

We are very proud of our legacy of consistently delivering promised results on time and on budget. We guarantee getting it right. As result we boast a 99.9% referenceable client base.


We have merged the best of Kastle Consulting with the best of JAT Computer Consulting to provide comprehensive technical and functional capabilities enabling both design and build services.


We strive to win clients by treating people with respect and as good friends. This is our style. It's who we are. We are JK Seva.