ERP Software is for Everyone!

written by Jaik Webster
published on April 30, 2018

Most people think that implementing software solutions are for big corporations, but this is the farthest thing from the truth. ERP software is extremely customizable and its implementation can have huge effects on the efficiency and productivity of your business. Expert consultants, such as the ones found at JK Seva, Inc., can tailor products to your specific industry and business as well as your budget. They seek to understand yourcompany, your goals, and your vision. They also know that most companies tend to have multiple projects vying for attention all within a confined budget. And for many companies exploring ERP solutions for the first time, it’s often hard to decide if the cost is worth the value. In answer to this very common dilemma JK Seva has prepared some introductory services to assist you in your decision. Here are a few of the ways they can help you decide if implementing or upgrading your software is the right decision for your company, all while saving you time and money.

Technical Checkup ~ HCM Evaluation ~ Finance Evaluation ~ SCM Evaluation

IPA Evaluations ~ ECM Evaluation ~ EDI Checkup

To talk to someone from our team give us a call Main: 800-580-2595 x470 Direct: 530-320-9233.

Here are some helpful tips from to keep in mind when doing your homework:

  • Know Your Organization
  • Let Specifics Drive Your Research
  • Selling Management: Time Is Money
  • Make Sure Your Vendors ‘Get It’
  • Consider a Consultant
  • Research Before Outsourcing

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What does JK Seva mean?

The "J" in JK Seva is for JAT Consulting and the "K" is for Kastle Consulting.
"Seva" is Sanscrit for "selfless service". It is pronounced "Say-Vah"
We are two companies equally merging together to provide the best service possible.