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Company Strength

Kronos has been a global leader in workforce management and human capital management solutions for nearly 40 years and our private sector customers represent some of our longest-standing customers. Reflective of the experience, Kronos offers the following services in support of the company’s strengths:

  • Professional Services – Kronos has the resources, infrastructure, and processes necessary to provide the best customer implementations in the industry. With thousands of successful customers in virtually all industries and hundreds of skilled service personnel, Kronos continues to serve as a trusted partner providing enterprise workforce management implementations that work.
  • Change Management Services – Introducing and managing change in the public sector is a challenging endeavor. Kronos provides our customers change management services that complement product implementation.

Benefits/strengths of the Workforce Ready solution include:

  • Fully Integrated – HR, Timekeeping, Scheduling, Payroll, Hiring, and more. All in one seamless suite sharing a common user interface, database, and workflows.
  • Modular – Need only one app — like time and attendance? No problem. You can mix and match Workforce Ready modules at will. Buy what you require today. Then add more when you’re ready.
  • Real-time Information – This is dynamic real-time information — not legacy-latent data. Get real-time visibility. Conduct “calculations as you go.” Use deep-dive analysis so you can make decisions based on facts, not guesswork.
  • Cloud-based – It’s a SaaS-based solution, so Kronos manages it for you. No headaches getting up and running. No more worrying about IT resources. And no more software updates.
  • Easy Access – On the go or out of the office – just access the Workforce Ready mobile app and make decisions whenever you need to.
  • Loaded with Value – Bundled per-employee-per-month (PEPM) fees mean no surprises. You pay only for what you use. Which means more value. And as we continue to invest in the technology, you reap the benefits.

Kronos is also consistently named as a leader in customer service and an employer of choice:

  • Omega Management Group has recognized Kronos for 15 consecutive years for excellence in customer satisfaction ratings; Kronos is one of only two companies to receive the award every year since the program’s inception
  • Boston Globe, the “Top Place to Work” in Massachusetts
  • Forbes, “America’s Best Employers”
  • Boston Business Journal, “Best Places to Work” and “Healthiest Employers”
  • Business 2.0, “100 Fastest-Growing Technology Companies”
  • BusinessWeek, “Hot Growth Companies”
  • Healthcare Informatics, “Healthcare Informatics 100”
  • The Globe and Mail, “Best Workplaces in Canada”
  • Mass High Tech, “Largest Software Developers”
  • Software Magazine, “Software 500”
  • START, “Hottest Companies”

These accolades come largely in part to four key differentiators of Kronos over other workforce management providers:

1:  Complete Automation

Kronos delivers a completely configured solution with full workforce management functionality out-of-the-box. Our competitors must resort to costly, time-consuming, and error-prone custom coding to handle the challenges of today’s work environments. We finish the software so that you don’t have to. Finished software equals fast, low-cost, and predictable implementations that save you money. Additionally, Kronos automates all of your workforce management business processes. Our competitors deliver partial automation that wastes your employees’ and managers’ valuable time by forcing them to live with sub-standard functionality. Automating all of your processes is the only viable way to control your labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity.

2:  High-Quality Information

Only Kronos delivers High-Quality Information – information that is granular, real-time, and comprehensive. Our competitors provide information that is high-level, old, and only gives you a partial view into your business. With high-quality information you can make quality decisions and understand the impact your people have on your business.

3:  Easy To Own

The Kronos solution is easy to own. We get you up and running fast so you can start saving money sooner. We provide complete automation and minimize complexity so your managers can spend more time focused on your business. We’re committed to keeping your costs down by delivering low TCO. Our competitors’ technology and business models force them to cut corners and deliver sub-standard solutions that are expensive to install, costly to maintain, and frustrating to use.

4:  The Experience You Expect

When you buy a Kronos technology solution, we get it up and running as quickly as possible, with minimal disruption to your organization. You want to avoid the frustration of surprises, of miscommunication or clumsy hand-offs within your technology provider. You will know – in advance – what to expect, when to expect it, and how best to prepare your management and staff for a smooth transition. 

Typically, we use a combination of Project Management and Change Management resources to provide comprehensive coverage for the implementation process.

As part of the Project Planning & Launch, we typically provide the following:
• Create Plan and Project Coordinates/Milestones
• Conduct Team Orientation Training
• Ongoing, Regular Status Reporting & Meetings

JK Seva is flexible enough to adjust our standard practice to how a client works best and we will discuss the client’s current processes to see if we should alter our methods for this implementation.

JK Seva has successfully implemented HCM systems to 27 clients since 2012 which included Kronos’ HCM solutions to 14 clients in the same timeframe.

Data conversion challenges can be avoided by conducting data mapping “crosstalk” sessions where actual (current) data values are reviewed as a team. It is important that the client is educated with the new system abilities so mapping decisions are based on actual functionality.

JK Seva creates project plans identifying both external consulting and internal staff tasks and assignments. It is highly recommended to maintain the same staff throughout the transition. The internal project team members are typically the department’s subject-matter experts.

Infor delivers standard dashboards across the solution in different areas including:

  • Employee Performance Management
  • Manager Dashboard
  • Time and Attendance
  • Cash Management
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Supplier Contract Management
  • Talent Management

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