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Infor Services Partner

We specialize in Infor Lawson products including:

  • Human Resource Management
  • ION
  • Lawson Add-ins for Microsoft Office
  • Lawson Analytics for Healthcare
  • Lawson Application Maintenance Toolset
  • Lawson BI
  • Lawson Business Performance
  • Warehouse
  • Lawson Enterprise
  • Financial Management
  • Lawson Expense Management
  • Lawson Financials
  • Lawson Learning Accelerator
  • Lawson Opportunity Analyzer
  • Lawson Process Automation
  • Lawson Services Management
  • Lawson Supply Chain Management
  • Lawson System Foundation
  • Lawson Workforce Management
  • Microsoft
  • Ming.le
  • Public Sector
  • Smart Office
  • Talent Management
  • Lawson for Healthcare

We have the expertise to guide and accelerate your project because we’ve assisted over 500 implementations and our consultants average over 30 years experience in Infor Lawson applications.

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We offer our experience and dedicated service towards your project. We will be with you every step of the way.

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Some of the products we support include (but are not limited to): Enterprise Financial Management, Performance Management, Supply Chain Management, and Workforce Management.

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We service a variety of industries including: Healthcare, Public Sector, Aerospace and Defense, Education, Distribution, Hospitality, Travel and Leisure, and Finance.

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Most importantly, we are a software solutions firm that gets excited about unique projects, businesses and the passionate people behind them.

What does JK Seva mean?

The "J" in JK Seva is for JAT Consulting and the "K" is for Kastle Consulting.
"Seva" is Sanscrit for "selfless service". It is pronounced "Say-Vah"
We are two companies equally merging together to provide the best service possible.