jk seva and lawson

written by Todd Kastle
published on April 16, 2014

JK Seva has been operating as both Kastle Consulting and JAT Computer Consulting for the last year and are now ready to announce their new name.  JK Seva is: “JAT Computer Consulting + Kastle Consulting coming together to provide selfless service”.

A Wikipedia search on seva (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seva) will turn up a few things, but in reality talking about “Seva” is talking about a type of “selfless service” (and in indian religions you can add “as unto God”).  So it’s THAT important to provide the type service to our clients that puts them first.  We really do want to make the lives of those who choose to work with us better.  We believe we can make their lives better through service.

We provide both Kronos and Infor: Lawson services, but I’ll focus mostly on the Lawson Technical Services here.

Kastle Consulting has been providing both application and technical services since 1996 and some of those who do the work within the company (now JK Seva), such at Todd Kastle (founder of Kastle Consulting) and Eric Kastle (yes – Todd’s brother and a great technical resource), are working hard with JK Seva to make sure the consulting services industry in the Lawson Services, Lawson Upgrades, and Lawson Consulting have a better standard to reach up to.  At Kastle Consulting we would sometimes say “We take the ‘Con’ out of ‘Consulting”.  We meant that at at JK Seva we not only want to make sure our customers are taken are of, but also to give the consulting world a better look overall.

As a Lawson Partner, JK Seva consultants are certified in about everything Lawson sells and/or services Lawson provides.  In fact I’m not sure there is anything JK Seva is not certified in.  In addition JK Seva provides Windows System Administration, Unix System Administration, and some iSeries System Administration.  JK Seva also provides DBA Services in all databases used by Lawson Software.

Contact us and let us know how we can make your life better!

What does JK Seva mean?

The "J" in JK Seva is for JAT Consulting and the "K" is for Kastle Consulting.
"Seva" is Sanscrit for "selfless service". It is pronounced "Say-Vah"
We are two companies equally merging together to provide the best service possible.