21st Century Government: Big Challenges (and hidden opportunities)

written by Infor

Hit hard by the financial crisis of 2008, state and local governments have made great strides in recovering and have managed to shrink gaps in funding and mitigate the effects of budget shortfalls. But as government leader and decision maker, you’re facing new pressures—both internal and external—that are forcing you to seek out innovative solutions, particularly in these four areas:

■ The government workforce

■ Infrastructure

■ Back-end technology

■ Citizen experience and expectationsspx

What does JK Seva mean?

The "J" in JK Seva is for JAT Consulting and the "K" is for Kastle Consulting.
"Seva" is Sanscrit for "selfless service". It is pronounced "Say-Vah"
We are two companies equally merging together to provide the best service possible.