Rethinking Integrations to Enable Data-Driven Decisions

Article: Rethinking Integrations to Enable Data-Driven Decisions

Build a workforce management solution that integrates easily with industry components and other apps.

Every year businesses generate terabytes of data that can be used to inform their performance. However, this valuable data is often trapped in different applications across the organization. By the time the data is analyzed, reported, and shared it is already outdated.

Businesses are managing in the moment, which requires integrated, relevant data. Workforce management is poised to drive this integration, according to the Director of Global Integration and API Consulting, Matthew Brown—as the need to easily push and pull data becomes increasingly important. Here’s what industries should consider:

  • Healthcare – aligning patient volume with staff certifications for higher quality patient outcomes
  • Manufacturing – sharing data with the ERP to ensure orders stay up-to-date
  • Public sector – automating hours so time can be spent acquiring grant money
  • Retail – using budget and point-of-sale data to accurately forecast

Companies are opting for open APIs that make it simple to integrate their workforce management with other apps—shortening the length of employment and accelerating time-to-value—allowing companies to maximize their investment.

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