TimePay Report

time is money: the benefits of integrating payroll and timekeeping

written by Mollie Lombardi
© 2018 Aptitude Research Partners

Delivering accurate paychecks is a huge factor in the trust between employers and employees. If they don’t feel like you can accurately track their time and pay them correctly, why would they trust you with their development or performance management?
Work is defined by the fact that you get paid. But you can’t get paid properly unless your employer knows how much you’ve worked. There are, of course, multiple ways to measure “how much” when it comes to work, but time is the most common. Which is why, for most organizations, time tracking and payroll go hand in hand.
Of course, it isn’t always as simple as multiplying a number of hours times an hourly rate, or a number of days to have a daily rate. There are taxes and other deductions, and not all time may be treated equally on a particular job. Maybe you are a service technician that gets paid one rate for time spent in your truck driving to appointments, another rate while you’re working at a client site, another rate for meals, and overtime after 6 ½ hours in one shift. Then the marriage of time and pay becomes even more complicated.
The world of payroll can be complex. The Gross to Net calculation is truly the core of payroll, but that process cannot begin without knowing who’s working, for how long, and at what tasks. As organizations make their payroll decisions today, they’re looking at a variety of factors beyond just the capabilities of calculating Gross to Net payroll and issuing checks or direct deposits. They’re looking for additional services such as tracking legal and compliance updates, integration with other systems, and technical support, all delivered efficiently and economically. These factors were identified by organizations of all sizes in Aptitude’s 2018 HR Im pact study looking at the drivers for payroll system purchase decisions.

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