If you are currently using AD FS in your organization it is possible to utilize your existing AD FS instance. If not, we can install an AD FS instance on one of your Infor/Lawson servers or on a dedicated server. Infor (as does JK Seva) recommends a separate AD FS instance for the Infor products - we can talk about why this is recommended if you'd like to talk it through. Please select one of the choices below.

* We recommend a separate server for AD FS (and other security products like Infor Federation Services (IFS) and the Lawson LDAP Container [if using AD LDS]). We call this the "Security Server".

Product Information

Please select your existing products and versions.

If IFS is currently installed select your current version
Select your current Lawson System Foundation (LSF) / Lawson Core Technology (LCT) version
Select your current Landmark Technology (LMK) version
Select your current Mobile Supply Chain Management (MSCM) version
Select your current Employee and Manager Self-Service (EMSS) version
Select your current Requisition Center (RQC) version
Select your current Punchout (PUNCH) version
Select your current Procurement Card Self-Service (PCSS) version
Select your current Smart Reconciliation (SMR) version
Select your current Infor BI (IBI) version
Select your current Infor Smart Office (ISO) version
Select your current Infor Ming.le (MING) version
Select the number of environments* currently in use

* An "environment", as defined here, is a full set of servers for Production use, for Development use, for Disaster Recover use, etc... For example, if you have Production, Development, and Quality Assurance full set of servers you would have three (3) "environments".

Provide any additional information you think JK Seva may need to better assess your current environments

It is helpful to know the number of users you have currently using the Single-Sign-On in any of the Infor applications, what types of hardware are in your environment (Windows, Unix, Linux, iSeries, etc...) and what type of Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) your are using.

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