We offer both Kronos Consulting and Infor Lawson Consulting along with tailored solutions. JK Seva is uniquely qualified to tailor Infor Cloudsuite, Kronos’ Workforce Management or another of our solutions to meet your specific business needs—on time and on budget.

JK Seva is a team of talented and passionate professionals driven to transform business processes across Healthcare, Public Sector, Hospitality, and Gaming. The JK Seva team focuses on software solutions to meet your organization’s Human Resources, Payroll, Financials, Supply Chain and Workforce Management needs.

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COVID-19 Response

Secure Connection Services

Encrypted Connection for work from home employees to safely use your network.

With the onset of the COVID-19, stay at home requirements that companies are facing is resulting in a difficult time getting their users ramped up to work from home. JK Seva has over 20 years of remote work and hosting. We have set up some of our systems to support clients with the challenges involved in providing secure access to their local internet quickly and securely.

Our networks and data centers all meet or exceed HIPAA standards and are audited annually. We only use state of the art firewall components and we have professionals to assist getting your users connected to your office.

  • HIPAA compliant technology.
  • Live US based 24 hour support 7 days a week.
  • Easy to use VPN client.
  • Fast secure connection.
  • Set up in 4 hours or less.
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Expect More. We Do.

From the tactical to the strategic, success depends on the ability to get control of important operational challenges first.

  • Support – we are here for you and your company

  • Implementation – we encourage learning and growth

  • People not profits – “Seva” is Sanscrit for “selfless service”

JK Seva can support your transition from purely transactional into one that operates at the best-practices level, provides comprehensive workforce management capabilities, and delivers a true advantage.


JK Seva is a Software Solutions Organization focused on Enterprise Resource Planning and WorkForce Management Services. JK Seva also has a division focused on staffing.
Seva is Sanskrit for selfless service. This is the core of our culture here at JK Seva. Sure we need to pay our bills, but that will never dissuade us from doing what’s best for our clients! 

JK Seva was incorporated in December of 2012. Kastle Consultang and JAT Consulting merged it order to provide better service to both our Kronos and Infor clients. JK Seva had its initial start in public sector with early clients from cities in California (City of Palo Alto, Public Health Institute, Buck Institute, and Rite of Passage). With this background, we are able to create custom reports and integrations for specific 3rd-party systems. We have served over 500 clients since our incorporation and look forward to getting to know you!

Both JK Seva and Infor Lawson maintain a dedicated team for the clients in public sector. In fact, there are “sub-verticals” where state and local governments are separated by federal, education, and not-for-profit sectors. With this structure, the software vendor is well-suited to support the needs of this “vertical” and participate in related support groups.
We are a Kronos Silver Certified Re-seller & an Infor Lawson Channel Partner. Our core competencies are HR/Payroll, Finance, and Supply Chain; but we can do so much more!

IT, Finance, HR, and Payroll departments are increasingly challenged to do more with less, yet as public sector budgets are limited, it affects IT’s ability to support the business.  Simply “turning on” the time capture functionality is no longer enough. You must also perform strategic business tasks—such as aligning your time capture processes with business goals, driving positive change throughout the organization, and demonstrating your value to the company’s bottom line.   Achieving these business objectives can be infinitely easier, more successful, and more cost effective when you partner with JK Seva Consulting Services.




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