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    Trusted by these amazing clients

    Toms River, NJ
    “They always get back to us usually within a few hours. Anything that I have asked them for, I have been either able to receive or reports have been created.”

    Alex Gallo, Township of Tom's River, NJ
    Woodman Life
    “They have all the skill sets needed for helping you with your projects. Anything on a technical side; upgrading LBI, upgrading/putting MSP on, ESP on, getting an upgrade done.”

    L.N., Woodman Life
    Duff and Phelps
    “JK Seva are the go-to people for Lawson because they have been working in this environment and they know that technical nitty gritty stuff of how Lawson works.”

    Satish Inala, Duff & Phelps LLC
    “They are true experts. It’s the same person for each module that I’ve worked with and they’ve learned our business model. They understand our objectives and help us meet that end goal. They’re worth every penny.”

    Koren Pollitt, Barton Health
    “Work with JK Seva because they’re good at what they do and they get it done on time. We started with them probably nine years ago. Earlier on we shopped around for consultants. The pricing is very competitive and what you get for it is obviously top quality based on their experience.”

    Tim Bonney, Mohawk Valley Heath Systems
    “Work with JK Seva because they’re extremely responsive and they will give you high value for the consulting fee and they are a great working partner on your project. If somebody were to say, ‘Oh if you had to make this decision all over again would you choose them again’ I’d say yes.”

    Debra Chong, Island Insurance