A Step-By-Step Guide To A Successful UKG Implementation Part 1/2

Description Kronos Workforce Mobile can be the game-changer your business needs to survive this pandemic by enhancing workforce management. Check out part 1 of our blog series that provides guidance to ensure a successful implementation.


People are working around the clock despite any pandemic-related setbacks and achieving stellar results thanks to remote working platforms that enable them to work from anywhere in the world. The number of employees working off-premise is unlikely to decrease any time soon with the IDC forecasting remote teams contributing to more than 70% of the U.S. workforce in the next few years.

This involvement in business tasks is all expansive covering other fields of work such as retail, construction, manufacturing, healthcare and more. In a time where enterprises are looking for sustainable means to manage their human capital, cloud platforms like Kronos that cater to that exact need are becoming more popular than ever.

The key with any technological implementation is to ensure that it is in alignment with the needs of your employees and not just the needs of your business. When employees experience that your business is adopting solutions that enable them to remotely complete tasks it gives them a sense of being valued for their time and quality of life.

This is where Kronos Workforce Mobile comes into the picture. Traditionally a lot of HR activities like approving timecards, requesting time off, rescheduling and punching in log-in times were conducted manually. This meant that a lot of it was dependent on in-person interactions but with the help of digital technology these processes can be completed off-premises by employees.

However it goes without saying that the success of any tech-based integration depends on the level of user adoption. Here are a few fool-proof steps to guide you through your Kronos implementation.

1. Set Up Permissions Along with Security

Configuring the application is probably the most important stage of implementation because it outlines what the tool can and cannot do. In addition to this you can also set up what you’re willing to allow from an internal standpoint. For instance, the modules that will be available for employee usage.

Will they be able to access all of them like Time and Attendance or Attestation? Or both? Or neither? If you decide the parameters within which your workforce can navigate the application, you can then focus on figuring out how to keep them within these parameters. Measures like firewalls, single sign-on, geofencing or geosensing can all help.

2. Do a Test Run

Conducting a pilot is a great way to work out any kinks in your implementation that might not have popped up otherwise. There are two main benefits in doing so the first being the ability to test configurations, discover new issues overlooked and document processes with a limited sample set.

The second is when that sample set becomes an endorsement for when the implementation is expanded to full scale. Your business can benefit from a group of individuals supporting the new implementation, explaining it to others and overall just generally boosting morale when it comes to utilizing Kronos.

3. Outline Capabilities Clearly

Besides simply emailing all your teams about the advantages of having Kronos Workforce Mobile available to them now, it would be better to outline to them what exactly the tool can do for them. Talk about the tangible impact of having such a solution on board from an employee pain point perspective.

Drawing a correlation between the two might have a more positive impact and thereby increase user engagement rate. It’s also important to be honest and outline the limitations of the app so that employees don’t have their expectations let down.

Take a look at Part 2 of A Step-by-Step Guide to a Successful Kronos Implementation for more guidance on a successful implementation.

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