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Description Following the COVID-19 pandemic, HR managers everywhere have been forced to rethink how they handle workforce scheduling. Check out our blog on the benefits of implementing an advanced workforce scheduler and how it can boost ROI while eliminating over-staffing costs. 

Timetabling your employee schedules may seem pretty straight forward at first. However, making the most out of your workforce tools and technology for optimum results can be tricker than anticipated. If done right your organization can enjoy several benefits including efficient scheduling, better compliance, limited labor costs and higher retention. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic these employee metrics have become more important than ever. Bearing this in mind it is important to find every possible means of enhancing your scheduling methods. 

In the event you haven’t already equipped your business with an Advanced Scheduler, here are some of the advantages they can bring to you. 

5 Effective Ways to Improve Your Workforce Scheduling

  1. Leverage Training to Maximize Software ROI

Not making the most of an Advanced Scheduler can mean losing out on potential ROI. This is a big no for C-level executives. One of the most effective ways to work around this is to leverage training programs to better educate your IT department on software. 

Fast and focused training is the best possible mitigation measure in this regard. Several training modules can be found online and are easy to access. 

  • Utilize Staffing Widgets to Restructure Timetabling 

Widgets can play a big role in how easy it is for you to schedule out your workforce. As opposed to manually copying and pasting data, staffing widgets can reiterate information automatically from a schedule planner. 

Widgets like these can provide managers a bird’s-eye-perspective into schedules, lists of various staff on stand-by as well as all the information needed to reschedule employees at the drop of a hat.  This empowers managers to make decisions based on accurate and up-to-date data.

  • Make Use of Available Shifts to Drive Productivity

Advanced scheduling allows for open shifts which is a great tool to give your employees autonomy. It enables managers to fill up open shifts and allows employees to grab extra shifts. Employees can also swap shifts between one another without having to go through complex procedures.

This capability was especially useful during the pandemic with unpredictable staff availability and fluctuations. Advanced scheduling allows you to place parameters on the open timetabling feature in order to ensure an equitable distribution of shifts.

  • Benefit from Forecasting by Limiting Labor Expenses

The Advanced Scheduler uses data from previous months and years to predict the times when you will need more employees than usual. It also predicts when you don’t need as much staff as usual so you can eliminate any excessive costs incurred from overstaffing. This capability is a big bonus for businesses that are attempting to recover from the pandemic. The algorithm behind advanced scheduling tests various scheduling combinations until they can match up with business requirements.    

  • Implement Self-Scheduling to Reduce Turnover 

Attracting and retaining the right talent is a task for HR employees regardless of the size of the business. More and more employees are looking for flexible work hours since the wake of the pandemic. 

Advanced workforce schedulers give employees the freedom to choose their own shifts and work as per their convenience. Schedulers are a great step towards reducing employee stress levels and helping them be more productive at work. Self-scheduling has been a huge success. 

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