A Step-By-Step Guide To A Successful UKG Implementation Part 2/2

Description Harnessing Kronos Workforce Mobile is proving highly beneficial for businesses who need to improve their workforce management in the new normal due to the pandemic. Gain a deeper understanding on how to effectively implement Kronos Workforce Mobile for your enterprise in part 2 of this blog series.


In a dynamic and competitive business environment one needs to make certain that the changes and developments they integrate in their businesses are sustainable as well as user-friendly. Business success depends a great deal on effective utilization of your workforce. In the aftermath of the pandemic, remote team members pose unique challenges to workforce management. This trend likely to continue with the IDC forecasting that remote teams will constitute over 70% of the U.S. workforce in the next few years. To maximize the effectiveness of your workforce you need to implement workforce solutions that are purpose-built for your industry and all your employees.

As enterprises seek innovative methods of improving workforce management in the aftermath of the pandemic, cloud platforms like Kronos are proving to be quite effective. This spans numerous industries such as healthcare, finance, automobiles, hospitality and more. Kronos Workforce Mobile provides your business with a sustainable and an employee-friendly workforce solution. It enables many tasks such as approving timecards, requesting time off, rescheduling and punching in log-in times to be performed off-premises rather than manually and on-premise.

A well-planned implementation of the platform allows your business to improve efficiency and lays a foundation for sustainable success. However, it is important to ensure that implementation aligns with both business needs and employee needs for it to be a success.

It is important to keep in mind that where on one hand these implementations allow technological advances to your company, it is also important to consider its ability to reach its maximum and effective user adoption.

In part 1 of this blog series, we went over a few of the important steps you need to consider before the implementation of Kronos Workforce Mobile. Here are a few more steps that will guide you towards a smooth and successful implementation.

1. Provide Training

Creating an online or in-person interactive and fun session to talk about all the things that Kronos Workforce Mobile can do for you is a great way to raise awareness about your latest implementation. If it is an on-site meeting, then incentives like lunch couldn’t hurt. In case it is online the meeting could be available on-demand later as well.

2. Ensure Documentation

Since the implementation will be customized to meet your specific needs, it is important that you have some form of documentation in place that can help your employees better understand how it works. Things like FAQs, how-to’s and maybe even process demonstration videos to explain things in deeper context. These documents can also be illustrated with screenshots, real-time examples and easy-to-understand language to help your teams get onboard faster.

3. Collect Suggestions

Getting feedback from your pilot group is key to improving Kronos Workforce Mobile because it can give you the chance to optimize it as much as possible before a full-scale launch. You can consider which features they absolutely loved, which ones could do with a bit more fine-tuning and which ones are not really necessary. If your sample set makes suggestions that are not yet within the capacity of the application, you could save them as future recommendations to Kronos. They could be rolled out eventually, reinforcing the idea that you listen to your employee’s needs.

4. Follow Up

The chances of encountering a number of new questions or issues are always highly likely. This is why it is important to not just set the implementation sailing but also follow up on it to see how well employees are faring with its usage and convenience. Setting up a meeting with a sample set much like the pilot phase can have a great impact in terms of getting diversified feedback from all those involved.

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