UKG Introduces the Guru

written by Chris Schneider
published on April 30, 2014

How to Configure a Pay Code Profile

Employee’s who log into Workforce Central should have the ability to add time to their timecards for certain pay codes (i.e. Jury Duty, Training, Vacation, Sick, PTO). How do we configure Workforce Central to allow that?

A user will need a Pay Code Profile and possible changes to their Function Access Profile.

To configure the Pay Code Profile:

1. From Setup – Access Profiles, look under Data Access Profiles for Pay Codes.

2. Click New, and give this new Pay Code Profile a meaningful name. A description is optional. Move just the Pay Codes the employee should use from the Available Pay Codes box on the left to the Selected Pay Codes box on the right. When the correct pay codes are in the Selected Pay Codes box, click Save and Return.

3. Add this new Pay Code Profile to the Employee’s People record, under Job Assignment -> Employee Role -> Pay Code “Edit” Profile.

In some cases, the employee may be asked to enter worked hours as a pay code edit. If this functionality is needed, then the Employee’s Function Access Profile may need to be edited.

4. From Setup -> Access Profiles -> Function Access Profiles, select the Function Access Profile assigned to this employee in their People Record, under Job Assignment -> Function Access Profile.

5. In the Function Access Profile, under Workforce Employee -> Timecard Editor for Employees (My Timecard), check the setting for Hours Worked and Duration amounts in My Timecard. If this is set to Allowed, the employee will have access to a pay code called Hours Worked.

If a pay code edit is made to the Hours Worked pay code, then the number of hours applied to that pay code get processed through the Work Rule assigned to the employee, and the hours applied as is if worked.

If a Pay Code edit is made to a specific pay code, that edit is NOT passed through the Work Rule. It is applied as it was entered.