Here at JK Seva, We Are Dreaming of the Future.

written by Sarah Swanson
published on January 6, 2020

Have you ever had a dream? Something childish like wanting to be a major league baseball player. You would fall asleep in your bunkbed, dirty and sore from a day of playing outside from sunrise to sunset with your best friends and that kid brother who wouldn’t stop following you. As you drifted off to sleep, you could see the crowds chanting your name and hear the umpire calling out strike after strike as you stood on that pitchers mound. A smile would appear on your face as you sank deeper into your pillow and fell asleep.

What made this dream possible? Was it your killer arm able to throw 97 miles an hour at age 8? I am going to venture a guess and say probably not. You dreamed because you could. At age 12, anything was possible. You had the entire world in front of you and you could not wait to grab life by the horns and make something of yourself.

JK Seva is on the very precipice of being 8 years old and we are dreaming.

When Kastle Consulting and JAT Consulting merged in 2011 to create JK Seva, we were already both established businesses. At Kastle Consulting, where this writer had her start, we were rebuilding along with the rest of the country. Still wiping the dirt off our knees from the recession in 2008, we were excited to start anew with an incredible company like JAT and start anew we did! Still retaining the main core of our staff and loyal customers, we began to create a legacy at JK Seva that is starting to be realized.

We have created partnerships with new companies that we feel offer what our customers are searching for. Partnerships with companies such as JobAps (a nifty job application software that can be integrated) and Grant Thornton (“one of the world’s leading organizations of independent audit, tax and advisory firms”).

We have also started hosting servers! With secure locations in Salt Lake City and Santa Clara, 24/7 access, support and troubleshooting, we have set up many of our current clients in our hosting environments and are poised to accept quite a few more.

There is more coming down the pipe, but we are starting to see a lot of our hard, dedicated work come to fruition and we enjoy being a small organization that takes pride in our personal service.

After all, “Seva” means “Service” and we are dreaming about our future.

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